Knockout Rules

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 - 11:58

Greetings from Dean Tuesday, 15 November 2016

RE: Knockout Competitions

Dear Members,

With summer upon us it’s the start of the knockout matchplay competitions. In the past we have run into numerous challenges that we would like to address this year. One is the continual requests for deadline extensions. This causes loads of problems for our management team and players. If one person asks for an extension it might not be conducive to the other player/s and then we get into the situation where we have to make a call and give the non-offending player a walkover causing tension between management and players. If the extension is approved this has a snowball effect on the rest of the players as they are now rushing to complete the next round. This is not fair on those who have played by the rules of the competition. The other issue is that starting in mid-January makes the whole tournament very rushed so we’ll start earlier this year.

The rules for all the Knockout competitions this year are as follows.

• Enter the competition of choice by the closing date of Friday 25 November 2016
• There are set dates for each round and all games will be played on those dates with no extensions. See schedule below.
• All games will be played in the afternoon field
• In the event of extreme circumstance, if a player can’t make the assigned date that player will need to contact the Head Professional and ask for permission to play outside the designated date and give the reason for such a request. If approved, the next step is to ask the opponent to move the date BUT only before the assigned date. If that does not suit the opposing player, then the assigned date stands and a walk over will be given
• Once the draw has been made there’s no need for any player to make contact with their opponent or make any booking. This will be done by the bookings department.
• Under the rules of golf you may only play in one competition at a time so you may not play in the competition of the day when playing your knockout match.

The implementation of these new rules will make life easier for all concerned as you will know exactly which dates you are required to play. It will remove all contentious issues between players. It will also enable our management team to plan the rounds and finals. These are prestigious tournaments and we should give it due recognition and have all the finals played on the same day enabling spectators/supporters to watch. Obviously if a player is in multiple finals we will know ahead of time and plan accordingly.

I trust that you will give this your full support.

Best regards,
Dean Milbank

Individual Ladies & Men
Round 1 – Thursday 1 December 2016
Round 2 – Thursday 15 December 2016
Round 3 – Thursday 26 January 2017
Round 4 – Thursday 2 February 2017
Round 5 – Thursday 16 February 2017 Better Ball Ladies & Men
Round 1 – Thursday 8 December 2016
Round 2 – Thursday 22 December 2016
Round 3 – Saturday 21 January 2017
Round 4 – Thursday 9 February 2017
Round 5 – Thursday 23 February 2017

Knock-Out Finals Ladies & Men
Thursday 2 March 2017